Friday, January 15, 2016

summer holidays

We're deep in summer. It's 7.42 on Saturday evening and it's still stinking hot. We've had some wild weather and last week I was wearing a woollen jumper on the beach after my swims. NZ summers can be a fickle things. There are six eight year olds sitting on the couch downstairs. Jed organised a burger and movie night. Good old fashioned summer days these ones. Trying to juggle work and finding more work with unstructured days of roaming the beach and streams with Phoenix the dog, the baking and making of good food, swimming in whatever water we happen to be near, long lego free-builds with my boy and lots of board games in the mix. What I remember the most about summer holidays as a child, was lying on my back in the grass under a tree watching the clouds go by and revelling in the expansiveness of time, not having to be anywhere. Great things emerge out of the stillness. 

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