Saturday, February 27, 2016

So many tears

I have been quiet on the blog this week. Last Sunday I received the kind of call I hope you will never get. A close friend was killed. Our son's are good buddies. We live just down the road from each other. On Sunday morning there was a police car sitting out the front. Normal life was suspended while family and friends gathered to grieve, share stories, laugh and cry. Here's what I wrote on facebook late that first night:

We lost a beautiful man this morning. One of the very best. A great friend, son and partner of 22 years to Nicki and dad to Wahkan. Who knew there could be so many tears in one day. 

For those who knew Jade, his whanau are bringing him home. His send off will be later in the week, message me if you want to know details. Big heartfelt thanks for those who are supporting with gazebos, mass pizza delivery, cake/tea/coffee (pete at the local store) and love. 

Live those dreams and say all those things you want to say to your loved ones. Life is such a precious gift.

Heartfelt thanks to everyone for helping and supporting. I know it is just what we do, but still. It has been a week of community and a powerful outpouring of grief and love. Special shout out to all the whanau and friends, Fran and Deborah from State of Grace West Funerals, Pita Turei for his blessings and karakia and work with whenua, and the one and only irreverent Reverend Mua Strickland Pua for officiating at the celebration of Jade's life. 

To Jade's much loved and treasured spirit, his wairua, his agaga, we say 'Manuia laasagao lau malaga' - travel well.


  1. My heart goes to you. your friend is in heaven now.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts. He is so very missed.