Thursday, February 4, 2016

this stonking hot summer

New Zealand's weather is a funny thing. Around yule time I was in a woolly jumper after swimming in the sea in a wetsuit. Yet January has just been the hottest summer I can remember here. Many days the only thing to do was to head for the water. We are on rain water here and I have gotten into the habit of keeping a bath full of water on the go for days at a time, just so we can go cool down every now and then as we go about our days. 
I haven't had my camera with me much. Sand and good camera's aren't very compatible I suppose, but it's more than that. I have been in a phase of wanting to be IN life, rather than recording it, if that makes any sense. I am okay with that.

If I had been more prolific on the photo taking, this blog feed would be resplendent in blue skies and clear blue water. We start the day taking Phoenix the dog to the beach and stream for a walk/play and swim before it gets too hot. Our beaches have black sand and you can't walk on the sand in bare feet once the sun heats it up. Highs during the day have been in the high 20's, very humid and not cooling much at night which is unusual. 

Our days often involve a goodly amount of swimming and boogie boarding. And the day often ends with us back down at the beach. It's been good. The garden has been woefully neglected but it's still producing the best cucumbers ever and there is time enough for weeding once this hot spell passes.  

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