Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Trash Footwear

I met Ben at Kraftbomb market. I sold a chunk of my GrowMama stock and left with a pair of Trash sandals as a treat. That was years ago and those Mahatma sandals are still going strong and are much loved. I really like what Ben is doing with the Trash footwear concept. All materials are upcycled, super comfy and last for a long time. 
Ben is taking a break from selling while he trains to be even more awesome in Melbourne and during a recent visit back in NZ, threw up some of his old stock for free on facebook. I was on there as it came up into my feed and I thought I might have been seeing things. But no, two pairs of most fabulous Trash shoes landed in my mailbox a few days later. Much rejoicing followed. (Thanks Ben!)

The yellow Mahatma sandals pictured are actually a size 6, a tad too big for my size 5 feet...so, if you would like them for your very own email me (mail icon is up on the right there) and they can be yours. You just need to cover postage. xx

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  1. Oh my! I FREAKIN love Trash footwear! HAve been meaning (and hoping..) to snuffle away enough money to buy a pair for years- so gutted to here he isn't making right now, but super SUPER excited to stumble across this! :-). Is it just lil' ol' me who wants them..?*