Friday, March 4, 2016

100 Acts of Sewing

And so life goes on. With a good measure of sewing therapy to ease things along. I had to admit to being envious of the winner of the big holiday GrowMama giveaway. I promised myself I would buy one of Sonya's 100 Acts of Sewing patterns. And I did. It was so hard to choose which one, but I finally settled on Dress no#2. 

Thinking ahead to cooler days I chose a denim and a natural looking fabric from my stash that I think came from an op shop. It looks and feels like a linen but has some stretch to it. The fabrics have such a different drape to them that the resulting dresses almost look like they were cut from another pattern entirely. 

I love the simple packaging. Printing on a paper bag? Genius! The patterns are simple to follow, I found the sizing spot on and the instruction booklets were a dream. I played around with the pockets to see where I liked them best. 

Once it gets cooler (we spent 2+ hours playing in the ocean this evening) I will wear these with sandals or clogs a lot I think. Then with leggings, boots and a big necklace in the winter months. I am eyeing up Sonya's tunic patterns for the next project. 100 Acts of Sewing patterns have officially gone onto my favourites list. 

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