Friday, May 13, 2016

moving house

I have moved a lot in my life. I lived out of my backpack for vast chunks of time. Or set up house, worked and dreamed in one place for a months or years, then gave it all away and wandered off with a backpack again. I got really good at carrying 'home' with me. But I have been in one place for ten years. I love that place. I love the garden, the view, the neighbours, the critters I shared that land with. But life is a funny ole journey and I have moved to the next valley. I learned that moving as a mama is another story altogether. Especially as a parent of someone who doesn't like change very much. It's been a big time. Feeling super grateful for friends who helped us move and made it home. 
Luckily, I LOVE my new house and the gardens and land around it. We're still exploring but as Jed said the other night, 'we fit here mama, it feels like we've lived here a long time already'. I have been hard at work in the gardens and Jed's befriending some impressive looking eels in the stream that runs alongside the house. I hope we get to stay for a long time. 
It's a time of big changes but I feel very blessed. 
Phoenix the dog was a bit befuddled by moving, he kept creeping into any open bags or boxes...just in case we forgot him I think. Funny wee creature. 
So anyway, that's why the big bloggy silence around here. Life has been full. (Now that's a freaking understatement!) But it's good and I look forward to sharing more of it with you. x


  1. Good luck in your new home x

  2. Well, it sounds as if you haven't gone far. How wonderful that you love your new house and Jed feels at home there already.

    1. We haven't gone too far! Ten minutes from the old stomping grounds. I love it out here. I keep hoping we will run into each other one day soon...I hope you are well. x

    2. I'm planning a Piha retreat in July so who knows?

  3. Moving into a new place with a child is never an easy task. It's even difficult for pets to get used to a new home regardless of how nice it may be. To treat homesickness, I think it's a wonderful idea to bring along some small decorative items and other personal things that have plenty of sentimental value relating to your previous home.

  4. Tell them about a time in your own life when you were sad about moving. Make it clear that it all worked out okay in the end... you survived. low cost long distance movers