Wednesday, June 22, 2016

the local dump shop

Sadly I don't have much time for fossicking in op shops at the moment. We just moved into our new place and needed a few things. Budget was super low so we checked out the local dump shop after a session at the dump's Education Centre. The dump's official name is the Waitakere refuse and recycling transfer station...but y''s a mouthful, so 'the dump' it is.

Sheesh, it is sobering to see the amount of non recyclable rubbish pile up as you drive past. I recommend a visit. Nothing like it to re-invigorate your pledge to cut down on rubbish. Yikes.

Anyway. Aaron and the rest of the crew from the MPHS Trust took on the dump shop last December and they're doing a fab job. There are some wondrous things to be found, it's all beautifully organised and it's all at a good price.
I found a beautiful Mexican hand woven woollen queen size blanket for $8 on my first visit. Plus a fantastic vintage stool and a full length mirror. Great finds like that bring me much happiness on my teeny budget.
You can check out their facebook page HERE. x

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