Monday, August 29, 2016

how things are

The dog and I headed for the hills together after coffee. I’m on a mission to explore the area. We’re still pretty new to the area, even though I lived ten years in a little community a few minutes away, there is still so much to learn and see and explore here. Makes for a happy me and a happy dog too.
Something about unstructured days and alone time has all the emotional detritus bubble up. It ain't pretty sometimes. Today was a lot of work, then flapping around, trying to get stuff done, but really I would have been better off staying up in the hills for the day. Too bad the weather was so atrocious or I might have done just that. I did manage to get two walks in. I am a hero in the dog's eyes today, poor guy had a cruddy walking week due to dumb human schedules. I redeemed myself in his eyes today.
It's just one of those days. Only one thing to do. Grab a book, some chocolate and a hot water bottle and make for an early night. Sometimes the best thing you can do is call quits on the day. 
Getting enough rest is so key for me at the moment. I have had so much work on. And maybe today was a delayed reaction to the debacle that was yesterday. We had woken up to a power cut, realised my phone was flat then when we went to leave for a full day or work and classes, the car battery was flat. Jed had left the inside light on the night before. Gah. Rescued by a friend with her jump leads, we were barely even late for class! 

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