Friday, August 19, 2016

last throes of winter

 I stacked all three square metres of this firewood by myself. It took me three days in between work and the rest of life. A few months on and we've almost gone through the whole lot. We live in a valley and lose the sun at about 3pm in the middle of winter. As we're homeschooling and I work from home most of the time, I made a conscious decision to be warm. Not to stint on having the fire on. Being comfortable at home is important to me. Not to say that we're at home all day every day...we're both busy juggling work, drum lessons, karate, swimming, basketball, homeschool group and classes and social stuff. It's a busy life. 'Find more firewood' is back on the list of things to do but Spring is on it's way. We've had a few sunny days to break up the months of wintry rain and high winds and the garden is busy throwing up spring flowers and blossoms. Such a feast for the eyes.

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