Sunday, September 4, 2016

colour for spring

As winter gives way to Spring here I find myself drawn to colour. While in an op shop looking for a gift I came across a pile of these vintage blankets. Seriously. There were about six of them. All in different colour combinations but same pattern and size. Stunners, all of them. I would have liked to have bought them all and gifted them to friends, but you know...budget would only stretch to bringing one home. I love it. And I hope the rest of the blankets found wonderful homes. I would love to know the story behind them. Someone spent hours and hours making them.
This one fits beautifully in our front room and matches the other blankets we have in there to nest in. Phoenix the dog made a beeline for it too. He has good taste that dog. I suspect he may have had help wrapping himself up in it though.


  1. Oh Isn't that so cheerful! I can understand your excitement Anissa. Your restraint was admirable!

  2. I hope the other blankets went to good homes too. x