Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Proof of spring

Duckduck is at it again. She's not the most devoted wanna-be mama, preferring to potter around the garden and bask in the sun showers on our deck with her friend Patches for most of the day.
But look what she made! She's worn a trail up into the bush and is using the same nest as last season. I use the word nest loosely. She's sort of dug out a hole under a fallen log precariously perched a ways up the hill.

The younger of us marked the four eggs so we could tell which were the fresher ones.
We've had one a day ever since! The younger was hoping she'd found a mate on one of her recent flights but even if she did, I think her intermittent sitting on the nest isn't enough to hatch anything. We're thinking of slipping one or two under a friend's broody chicken though...

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