Sunday, September 25, 2016

rainday cape

It's rained all weekend. Hasn't stopped. The stream next to the house has broken its banks and the constant rain has turned into a downpour. I am not sure what the garden is going to look like come morning. I suspect we might be in for another power cut. And it's never certain if the road will be open after consistently heavy rain like this. The roads were resembling waterfalls already this morning. 
There's been lots of board game playing, reading and baking. The fire's been on all afternoon. Ever since we got back from our mini adventure. 
We headed out for a beach walk with friends in one of the lighter periods of weather this morning.The kids played in the river mouth which was wild with water coming down from the hills with great cliffs cut in the sand. It was possibly slightly dangerous and definitely exhilarating. We slogged back through a very waterlogged beachfront. Phoenix the dog had to swim most of the way. I had ventured out in my jeans and gumboots and half way around the rivermouth, trying to get past without getting wet, a huge wave came rolling down the stream and that was it, water streaming into the gumboots. I was a good lesson on how perilous rivers and streams can be in weather like this. 
I would have been better off in my togs today. Except I had my trusty rain cape on. I love that thing. I was out in the rain (it was pouring down for the last half hour of our walk) for hours and I was totally dry under my rain cape. 
I can bike it in, fit a bag or a backpack underneath it and it rolls up pretty small for storage. I keep getting asked where I got it. I bought it on Trademe. Best thing ever. A lovely woman named Jo designed them. She has 10 or so left so if you want one pop on over HERE. You won't regret it. x

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