Friday, October 21, 2016

catching koura

It was the morning after friends had slept over at ours. I had promised to make the boys a 'training course' so despite the post-flood sogginess I created a series of activities to do around the property. It ended with a team effort of making a bridge to cross the stream. The flood had kindly deposited lots of material but after a few minutes the kids got distracted by the thought of a swim. Their action flushed out a few koura. I had never seen one in NZ before. We have massive eels in our stream and find most of the little freshwater life is in little pools some distance from the main stream and quiet eddies. Those big eels must have quite the appetite after all. We saw two different types of fish, an eel we hadn't seen before and two koura. There was great excitement as Jed managed to catch one and we got a good look at it. Freshwater ecology is big around here. It's logged in Jed's nature diary now and much research was done. Did you know they are mostly nocturnal and if you shine a torch on one their eyes will reflect back red! That I have to see. As soon as there's a night without rain I'll be out there. Honestly, that rain is getting a bit tiresome. Hard to believe I'll ever have to water the garden.

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