Saturday, October 15, 2016


Jed has wanted to foster ducklings to help out the local bird rescue centre for years. Our new house has a stream running past the front door, a big garden and a fenced off area (for when they get a bit bigger) so it seemed like the ideal time. That makes six happy ducklings and one very happy boy. They all have various rescue stories, all orphaned. There are two wild, two muscovy (like our old girls) and two indian runner ducklings. Friends are just moving into their new house with a pond and happened to be looking for indian runner ducks so we are excited to have found them a good home. They'll stay with us until they're ready to leave the duckling nursery. The two wild ones we are careful not to handle too much so they can be released to do their wild duck thing.
Hours of fun. Spring is here!

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