Saturday, November 12, 2016

General Collective

What a week it's been. 
We have so far to go, we humans. I have a lot to say about the US elections and the outcome. Others will say the same things more eloquently than me tonight. The hardest part for me is hearing from friends, wonderful people, in the States, who are afraid of having their healthcare cut, or are now even more concerned for their personal safety. That cuts straight to the heart, that good people, people who give so much to their communities, should be afraid when a new president is elected. That is just wrong. 

To clear my head and see some friends I headed into town to the General Collective market today. I used to work the markets with my GrowMama range of babies and kids clothing and household goods and I still love a good market. 
This one had a long line of folks waiting to get in. Impressive. The introvert part of me doesn't like crowds, especially in an enclosed space. I had done a few circuits before I found myself sitting down by a bunch of indoor plants. Clearly it was time to head for the hills again. Funny. I did head for home but not before snaffling a taco. Such a treat.

Great to see Sarah and Cecil from Sew Love Tea Do and finally meet Rhiannon from Toast. There's a great bloggy/crafty community and it's always nice to meet face to face. If you haven't seen the dresses and skirts in Rhiannon's new online store, do! It's over HERE

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