Thursday, December 1, 2016


After a month out of action because of a back injury, I am back in the garden. It's such a big part of our lives, this pottering in the garden thing. The growing our own food, tracking the seasons by the blossoming, fruiting or harvesting that goes on out there. This is our first growing season on the land so I have had a light touch until spring surprised me with what popped up where. I am enjoying flowers I would never have planted myself. I am more of a vegetable, companion plant and herb grower but I have to admit to being charmed by some of these old timey beauties. 
Things in life can feel completely overwhelming or stink but an hour working in the garden always works wonders. I do need to be careful though. Awhile ago I was at a meeting in the city and looked down to realise I had dirt under my fingernails. Oops.

The feijoa trees are in full bloom, the plums are getting bigger, the last of the celery, lemon crop and grapefruits are coming in. There are always salads and greens fresh and although it's the first days of real summery warmth, I am already grateful to have the hose set up to pump water from the stream.
Today brought the first of the summer swims at the beach!

We've all been enjoying the carrot crop. 

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