Wednesday, December 7, 2016

end of an extracurricular era

I have been a contributor to Extracurricular magazine for years. The latest issue has just landed.
It's always a joy to sit down with a cup of tea and see it all in print.
I will miss it. Yes, because despite it being the only publication like it in NZ, our lovely editor Ellie, has decided it's time. We'll have Frankie and Peppermint from across the ditch, sure...but I will miss sweet EC and the crew of crafty creatives it's covers held.

I have met and interviewed some fabulous people for EC over the years. Eve Gordon from The Dust Palace, Holly Fullbrook of Tiny Ruins (I saw them play at the newly reopened Hollywood Theatre venue last weekend...she has to be one of the nicest, most talented people ever) and in this latest issue, I talked to the ebullient and thoughtful Carissa Corlett from The Misfits Art Club. Lucky me huh?

I loved collaborating with Ellie and friends from the blogosphere like Melissa Wastney from Tiny Happy, and the super sisterhood of Rosa and Stella Rutherford - who you can find here and here, respectively.

A big round of applause and many cups of celebratory cups of tea to Ellie Smith and her cohort, Sonya Nagels for a job very well done. I am looking forward to seeing what those two get up to next!

(You can get your copy of Extracurricular here. )

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