Sunday, March 5, 2017

when cute turns brute

Remember these cute little critters? Yeah, well they're not cute anymore. The rest of the ducklings we fostered for Bird Rescue grew up, found homes or swam down the stream into the wilds but not these two. Nope. Tiny and Mastodon are still here. (And yes, the irony of their names has not escaped me - especially since they were named when they were little).
Brought up with the greatest of love and care it turns out they're an unusual muscovy duck/goose hybrid, are HUGE and to be blunt, they're brutes. 
We live in fear. It's summer and there have been no picnics under the trees or swimming in our stream. Mastodon sneaks up and attacks. He draws blood and bruises. I kid you not. I can post a picture of my legs as proof. 
Our two old aunty muscovies barely leave their roost as they get attacked too. 
The garden is languishing and we can't leave the back door without the canoe paddle - which is the only thing they're afraid of. Laugh if you like, but let me tell you...I can't wait for Bird Rescue to re-home them. They've been fabulous throughout the fostering process and do such great work - please don't think badly of them...they weren't to know the cuties had the brute gene. I can't even get a decent photo of them as they run hissing at me whenever they see me. So, here you go...a blurry photo of the brutes, Tiny and Mastodon. Living proof that love does not conquer all. 

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