Tuesday, May 23, 2017


My boy and his dad were laughing on Mother's Day. They reckoned I was the only mama in the history of the world who'd asked for a Thermette as a gift. Rather than a massage or chocolates or whatever I suppose. Well, at least one of my mama-friends asked for a power drill and another for vouchers to the boxing gym. But yes, I might well have been the only mama to ask for a Thermette. 
I had a Kelly kettle in France and had often thought about it while on our various adventures. The Thermette was apparently invented in NZ's Manawatu in 1929. (The Kelly kettle was invented in the 1800's so may have inspired it perhaps?) 

So what is it you ask? Well. It's basically a cylinder shaped kettle. You light a wee fire under the kettle so the smoke goes up through the hollow in the centre, maximizing the heat the water is exposed to and boiling it in record time. You can also cook on the top of it. It's freaking genius. And lots of fun. Because the fire is sheltered at the bottom there, with only a hole to feed the fire - as long as you face that away from the wind, you can boil water in a storm. See? Genius. 
We plan on taking this Thermette to the beach for hot chocolates, on picnics, camping, and to use during the 123 power cuts we get every year. (I may have exaggerated slightly there).

PS: Right at this very moment, there's a possum making awful noises up the feijoa tree you can see in the photo. I had forgotten how weird they sound. If it's eating my strawberry guavas, there is going to be trouble. I love those things. 


  1. Hi, I also have a thermette....which my sons consider really strange! Mine is vintage and rusty though. Where can you buy new ones in NZ?

  2. You have really asked for a very useful gift, indeed. Your family will not understand the worth of it until they get to use it during a picnic or a trip. Its an amazing invention and a thoughtful gift to give to your mothers.