Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Counting blessings

 In our last moving house episode I unearthed this cup. It was mine when I was a girl. 
It used to be stained on the inside from Ribena - does anyone remember that stuff? We loved it and I remember clearly the day my mum figured out that despite what the packaging said, Ribena wasn't good for us at all. Looking back I see mama guilt all over her face. Who was to know?! It was the age of cheese slices and fish fingers.
Anyway, I love this faded piece of my childhood. We're big on gratitude around here and the cup is a good reminder to count my blessings. 
Has anyone done a daily practice of gratitude? The science is out. It's darn good for us! 


  1. I love the practice of gratitude, and have been doing a lot lately. What a dear little cup. and how lovely that you still have it.

    1. I find it fascinating what daily practices I cycle in and out of. Gratitude is high on the list at the moment. x