Monday, January 22, 2018

summer tote

I was hanging out with the amazing Alia Bland of Little Bee the other day.  I told her about the happy shirt I made as part of my plan to wrestle 2018 into being a great year, and she told me her theory. She reckons wearing bright colours just helps. With everything. Makes you more cheerful, influences your mood. You only have to look through her work to see Alia's love of colour.  I used to wear a lot of bright colours but somehow the dark colours have crept in. When my son was little he used to complain when I wore all black and would beg me to change. 
I have a thing for textiles, especially handwoven ones and couldn't resist this fabric when it was on sale at Spotlight a few months ago. I am very rarely in that store, but had nipped in to buy sewing machine needles and couldn't resist a quick look at the sales table. I had the ideal fabric in my stash for the lining and a new tote for summer whipped up nicely. 
Lots to be happy about now!

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  1. Love the colours!! you have inspired me to get out the sewing machine this week!