Thursday, January 18, 2018

The book with a $0.00 price tag

Have you seen this book? It was pretty trippy finding it on the shelf of the airport bookshop. It's price tag states $0.00. You decide how much to pay. The guy before me paid $1000! (I didn't pay that much.) It's Chapter one - You have the power to change stuff, by Daniel Flynn, one of the founders of Thank you in Australia. Sales are tracked on their website. Check it out! 
It's an honest account of how they persevered and built their Thank You empire - inspiring, frank, funny and all that passion and youthful stubborn determination is so refreshing. Plus the book is printed landscape, rather than the usual portrait style, which messes with people's heads on public transport, so extra entertainment there!

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  1. i love this approach! so timely as i just had a similar (radical?) idea yesterday. here in sedona we have a small-but-steady transient community, largely supported by "begging"
    at certain busy intersections. they are not only tolerated but seem to be well supported by sedona residents. so my new idea is to stake out one of these spots, and each time one of my neighbors stops to hand me a one- or five- or ten-dollar bill, i give them twice as much cash in return, as a way of reflecting/honoring their generous spirit, simply saying, "we homeless brothers and sisters thank you." (-dream)