Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The Fabric Store

This is where non-fabric enthusiasts can keep scrolling past!
On my birthday I went to The Fabric Store for the first time. 
Yup. After we'd eaten at a great new Mexican lunchbar.
The thought of going to just fondle fabric and then walk away empty handed was too much, so I had stayed away. I usually buy from op shops or trademe or Fabric-a-brac.
But, oh. All the fabrics! 
It really is a textile lovers dream.
The shop itself is well lit, beautifully laid out and lovely to be in.
I had a Prezzy card from last Christmas so I did buy fabric too which was a treat. More about those (plural!) another time. 

I totally fell for a few of the Liberty sweatshirt prints but at $48/m they stayed on their rolls. 
On a whim late that night I searched for 'Liberty sweatshirt' on trademe and couldn't believe it when two were listed, in my size, in the exact prints I loved. The seller was lovely and turns out she had bought the fabric from The Fabric Store and had a seamstress make the sweatshirts.
Now they're mine!

 I have a sweatshirt made in the fabric on the bottom left of this picture now- squee!

I think I need to start a pop-up studio/store so I can keep sewing, a person can only wear so many clothes and the urge to sew doesn't ebb. Seriously thinking about it. Watch this space. 

Friday, June 8, 2018

Meet my new shirt

This shirt has brought so much joy. I love denim and was intrigued to find this simple short sleeved top in the op shop last week. I altered the length to perfection but was unsure how the embroidery on light black denim was going to hang. Verdict? I love it.
Those white embroidered tops and I don't get on very well. Or we do, until an animal or child smears something on it, or I have to wrestle a goat into submission or bring firewood in. White and my life aren't friends. I currently have precisely one white top. It's life expectancy is not long.
This top is perfect. Blast of embroidered colour on forgiving and hardy denim.
I've had so many comments. Best $3 I have spent in a while.