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About me

I am a writer, a keen gardener, a kitchen goddess, a homeschooling mama, an activist, herbalist  and an advocate of living a simple beautiful life in balance with the earth. I craft compulsively (it’s cheaper than therapy!), love a good thrift shop rummage, and will often stay up way too late. 
I also refuse to come down in the mornings until my coffee is ready. Mindfulness and gratitude are big words around here. 

I have called myself a writer since I was a girl. The need to write has just always been there. These days it's called being an Online Content Specialist. My other love is giving workshops.  I work with green/progressive companies and projects.I have way more ideas than time. 

I live in a small beach community in New Zealand. 

About the blog

I started the GrowMama blog in 2008 so I would have an incentive to write, and to keep in touch with my extended international tribe. I was a new mama to my boy and hadn’t been back in NZ very long. I was missing my people. It's been over six years now and I love the community that has sprung up through writing the blog. 

I especially love the emails I get from other mama's who tell me they appreciated a post, or were inspired or comforted by something I wrote. That rocks my world. The blog is heartfelt and very much an extension of our everyday life. Joy, magic, hard bits and all.

anissaljanta (at) gmail (dot) com

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