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Advertising and Sponsorship options on GrowMama

Thank you for thinking about advertising or sponsoring my blog. GrowMama readers might just be the ideal demographic for your work.
I am a networker, I can’t help myself. I am always linking good people, products and projects doing good work in the world. The ad programme on GrowMama is an extension that heartfelt community.

Ways to be in on the GrowMama goodness:
-          Take an ad out. Static images only (no gifs!)
-           Offer a giveaway – a great way to show off your gear to my readers.
-           Send me a product or service to review ($100 per post).

Disclaimer: I only accept ads and sponsorship that fits with GrowMama’s ethics of eco/social justice/sustainable and products I would  use myself.

EMAIL ME: Anissaljanta(at)gmail(dot)com

Prices for ads: FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY (One size)
$50 for one month
$75 for two months
$100 for three months
I also offer a FREE ad to an NGO/organisation/community project in line with GrowMama ethics – email me to find out more.

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