Full(er) Bio

It has been a beautifully crowded life so far, with beautiful people, places and projects in abundance. 

 I am a writer, crafty mama, herbalist, avid reader, event organiser, social justice activist, seamstress, mama, vintage enthusiast, gardener, lover of wild places and an op-shopping queen.

I was born in New Zealand and has travelled, lived and/or worked in over twenty countries in the 16 years I was away from NZ. I have lived up a mountain, on communes, on the street, in a tipi, in city high rises, a house-truck, a tent, on organic farms. For the most part, my relationships were open. My friendships varied and rich.

I co-ran an eco-peace project in wartime Yugoslavia, co-established the Social-Cultural Centre in Prague just after the Velvet revolution, was active in political street theatre in Europe, designed/facilitated workshops worldwide and wowed many an audience with my public speaking. Giving workshops and writing on topics such as ‘Building Healthy Culture’ and ‘Living Holistically: translating grandma's skills for the modern world’. I freelanced for environmental NGO’s worldwide, and am proud to have organised many successful conferences and festivals. I am now adept at juggling family life with working as a writer and social media writer.

I had a go at total self sufficiency in the French Pyrenees (acorn bread anyone?!) and came back to New Zealand for my grandparents last years and to work for Greenpeace NZ's campaigns team. 

I have always been crafty. My mama made many of my girlhood clothes and my nana was a seamstress...I keep those traditions alive with most of my clothes either hand made or sourced second hand. I like to know I can make anything. And yes, underwear included! 

I ran an organic retreat and gardens in the French Pyrenean mountains for years and I am passionate about plants, connected parenting, natural foods, living with integrity and finding magic in the mundane. I strive to keep life simple. 

From this waif like sprite....

To this...masquerading as a respectable citizen...with many a tale to tell in between.


  1. Lovely to get to know/read a little bit more about you! All the best with your creations and vast success in future markets! x Julia

    1. Thanks Julia...it was lovely to meet you in person too. I have a collection of vintage aprons i thought you might like - to inspire that new range for mrs vintage perhaps?! x