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  1. Hi Anissa,
    I and stumbled across yr lovely blog.I don't know if you've heard of a lady called India Flint.Thought you might like her stuff.
    I'm a friend of Tia's,small world!
    Aroha Charade

    1. Hi Charade, I discovered India Flint's work from a dear textile artist friend just recently. Amazing huh?!
      I have two beautiful pieces of your ceramic work Tia gifted me years ago that I absolutely treasure. And it was seeing your upcycled lingerie dresses years ago that got me thirsting to craft again!
      Thank you for the beauty to bring into the world. x

    2. Anissa, hola,
      No hablo inglés pero me encanto tu pagina la encontre en Pinterest , realmente lindas fotos y paisajes bellos, también lindos detalles, a mi me fascina la naturaleza y siempre encuentro plantas y animalitos muy especiales , la naturaleza tiene mucha magia , es bella!!.
      Felicitaciones por tu linda página.
      No estoy en facebook, pero mi mail es
      Greta Zander

  2. Hi Anissa I stumbled upon your blog through Pinterest it was a tutorial on making the bags from the pillowcase... wonderful tutorial, am going to make some this way too soon, have made them many other ways too, love them. But I did not stop there, I continued to read and I just have to say, that I Love absolutely Love your blog, it is very fun to read and very inspiring!!! Just wanted you to know, Keep up the good work! Hugs and God Bless!!! Dana

    1. Aw, Dana...thank you so much for reaching out with your wonderful words. I love that you did that! Thank you so much, it has made my day. xx