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Plant Medicine Handbook and Workshops

The Plant Medicine Handbook:

The Plant Medicine handbook was written in response to many requests over many years.
I use it in my workshops and it is currently being used at classes at UCLA in the USA. I devoted many years to studying herbal medicine from incredible practitioners and women healers in Eastern Europe, as well as more scientific degree-based study. The handbook is a distillation of all that knowledge, providing you with the basic information and insights needed to manage you and your families health. The emphasis here is on commonly found plants in simple, easy to prepare treatments.

In some countries people are still in touch with the knowledge of how to use plants to treat common ailments like coughs, colds, healing wounds and kitchen burns, we have lost much of that knowledge and many of us turn to the pharmacy when we could look to our gardens or wild places for support.

Covers: history of herb use, gathering/drying and storing plants, Preparing our medicines (infusions, decoctions, poultices, tinctures etc), ten plant profiles, Treating common complaints, and more.

I believe everyone should have access to this information, this is why I don’t charge very much for the handbook.

It's out of stock in the GrowMama felt store at the moment, contact me for a copy.

The Plant Medicine Workshops

What the workshop covers:
How much time the workshop runs for determines how much we can cover. The basic three hour workshop covers the following:
We will look at using three common plants as medicine, learn how to harvest and store herbs, and make your own medicines. There is so much we can do to maintain and heal ourselves and our loved ones at home. This workshop looks at common ailments and which medicinal plants growing around us can support the body and mind back to wellness.

Me: I studied with several old women in the Czech Republic and on an island off the coast of Croatia. These women were the healers of their villages and had been for many years. Neither their daughters or grand – daughters were interested in the old ways of medicine and I was lucky enough to be the recipient of that knowledge. Both women asked me to pass on their plant medicine knowledge whenever I could. This is the spirit I give the plant medicine workshop in.

I practiced herbal medicine and sold medicines from my home in the Pyrenean mountain’s in the South of France and have run Plant Medicine workshops worldwide.

 Cost: are dependant on who is organising it. I try to keep the workshops affordable and, if I organise one independently, costs are on a sliding scale – contact me to find out more. If price is prohibitive to you, we’ll work out some trade. Homebaked morning tea and a copy of the Plants as Medicine Handbook is included.

Venue and bookings: email to find out when the next workshops are being held. If you'd like to organise a workshop, or ask me to speak at a gathering or conference my email is below.

Venues vary and you find out where on booking.

Thanks for your interest -


anissaljanta (at) gmail )dot) com

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