Do you buy EVERYTHING secondhand?! Ha! Um. Let’s just say almost everything. I like to make many of the clothes we wear and household items. Often from thrifted fabric. I think there is enough stuff in the world, shopping new gives me a rash. Besides, shopping secondhand is fun.

Can I advertise on the GrowMama blog? Will you review my product?  Sure. Email me. I will only do reviews of products I like and would use myself. I like supporting good people and spreading the word about good stuff. 

Will you come do a workshop in my town? Or speak at my event? I would love to. Email me and we’ll talk.

What countries have you been to/lived in? I lived 16 years away from little ole New Zealand, you can cover alot of ground in that time: I lived in Vancouver Canada, London England, I lived in a little village in the Pyrenees Orientale in France, in a commune called Twin Oaks in Central Virginia in the USA, on an island off the coast of Dubrovnik in Croatia, in Prague and a little village called Hole in the Czeach Republic. I have travelled through most countries in Europe, Australia, through South East Asia, Across Canada and alot of the US. I love a good road trip.
My best tip for exploring a city? Get lost. Literally. Throw that guidebook and map away and walk and walk and walk. Keep your eyes open and the city will open its secrets to you. Really. Try it.

And you know, I met amazing people who had such wisdom to share who had never left their mountain villages. Not everyone needs to travel. Travel within the mind is the deepest. And cheapest!

Do you take all your own photos? Yes, I love it. I love how photography forces me to look at the world more closely and from different perspectives. After years of a point and shoot, I now have use a Nikon 3100.

Can i use a photo of yours? Email me. For photos I like to know what it's being used for and be credited for it. If it's a business thing I like to be paid. Thanks for asking. Just last week I got an email from the Colorado Museum of Natural History asking if they could use my photograph of a male giraffe weevil in a display. I said yes!

Where can I read more of your writing? I write freelance and am a regular contributor for Extracurricular Magazine. Feature articles by me can be found in back issues of Organic NZ magazine and Communities magazine. If you are really lucky you might unearth back issues of The Spark, a Washington DC weekly newspaper from 2006...I co-wrote a column called Radical Intimacy. My Plant Medicine Handbook is being used in two classes at UCLA.

So, I heard a rumour you were in jail once (or maybe twice?). Yes, I am proud of it too. I believe in direct action. There are times to stand up and speak for what you feel passionately about. Sometimes the only effective way to do that is with direct action. 
Can I link to your blog? Yes please, lovely!

Why did you choose to homeschool? So many reasons. We may not always homeschool but it is the right thing for right now and we are having a blast.

You seem to do so much, how do you find enough hours in the day? Ha! I hear this a lot. The short answer is that I don’t. I have a surplus of ideas and often feel overwhelmed. I stay up waay too late for a mama of a kid who is up at 5.30am. Yeah, mornings involve coffee around here. 

Sheesh, if you read all that, you must be super keen, high on caffeine or really procrastinating. xx

You can email me at: anissaljanta (at) gmail (dot) com

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