Monday, October 15, 2018

A William Morris sort of dress

I found this vintage dress on trademe late one night. It reminded me of a William Morris print I had seen in an exhibition and loved years ago. Funny how some pieces of design or art stay with you.
 I had planned to upcycle the dress into a shirt but by some miracle it fits too perfectly to mess with. 
I am looking forward to warmer weather so I can wear it. 
We're in a cold snap at the moment and it's back to jumpsuits and jeans for now. 
Fiji suddenly seems a long time ago!

Thursday, October 11, 2018

a dogs life

Phoenix is the best dog. Or, he usually is. Not this week. 
This week he's found something disgusting to eat on the farm next door and it's made him sick every night. You'd think he'd learn after the first few times but no. Whatever it is, it's irresistible. 
If I were to write a piece entitled 'Things you should know before you get a dog', number one would be 'dogs are gross'. 

Other than the occasional grossness (he's also partial to a good roll in hedgehog poo), he's an awesome critter. Great company and he never gives me a hard time on those busy days when I am too flat out to take him for a decent walk. I am grateful for that. The days seem so short at the moment.

Looking at recent photos from my phone, it's not a bad life really.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Making - a denim fen

I had some lightweight denim cotton from my birthday splurge at The Fabric Store that was just begging to be a shirt. I have a thing for denim.
I had the long sleeve shirt cut out but completely forgot about the sleeves. I was going to unpick but I am not sure how the longer sleeve would sit given this fabric doesn't have much drape. I decided I liked the shirt just fine the way it was.
You can see different versions of the fen pattern on the website HERE
It's the pattern I used for my happy shirt last summer.

I got to sew in the new creative studio. We've taken over the spare room. Drum kit, stereo and wooden swords on one side, sewing machine, fabric stash, art supplies and worktable on the other.
So good!
It's such a joy to be able to leave creative projects out and come back to them. I used to just take over the dining room table and we'd eat at the breakfast bar for weeks on end. Feels so luxurious to have a dedicated space for creating. If anyone stays we'll have to shunt the drums off to one side somehow. Won't be the best of guest room solutions but hey, guests can sew until the wee hours!

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Comfort food - mexican eggs

The youngest of the household is requesting mexican eggs a bunch lately. It's one of our fast and furiously made comfort foods. Passed onto me by friends who spent years in Mexico, it's traditionally a way to stretch leftovers and give them new life.

I know someone will ask so here's something resembling a recipe:

Mexican eggs

olive oil
6 eggs, beaten (that always sounds violent to me!)
sprinkle of grated cheese 
handful of ripped spinach or other greens
bit of chopped sweet pepper if you fancy
jalapeno to taste
heap of crushed tortilla chips
teaspoon or mexican sort of a spice mix (we use this Tio Pablo one, one packet lasts us AGES. And no, this post is not sponsored, we just love the stuff)
a lime
bunch of coriander
avocado! (Good ones are like gold around here at the moment)

Heat your oil and start cooking the eggs, stirring all the time. When they start to firm, dump everything else in, stir madly then plonk a lid on. 

When we have vegan folks staying, or are going dairy-free we substitute soft tofu for the eggs and use vegan cheese. It's still yum.

Garnish liberally with coriander leaf (cilantro to some of you), fresh lime juice and sliced avocado. 
Fast, easy and good. 
You're welcome.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018


The last two and a half years have been a trip. Through hard times as we transitioned to being a family of two, Jed would talk about going to Fiji together. It was landmark thing for him. A sign that everything would be okay. For someone that left with just over two hundred dollars in my bank account, it looked pretty unachievable. I tried not to let that show. Dreams are a beautiful thing after all.

I saw the package deal online late one winter night. It was an awesome deal, but I crunched the numbers and it still looked out of reach. Half an hour later an offer for a new work contract came through. It would pay for the trip.

I won’t say I didn’t have reservations a few times in the next few months about spending that amount of money. I did. But words from a friend who is currently battling cancer helped. She said to DO ALL THE THINGS. That we never know if we will have the privilege of life in 5 or 10 years time. She was right. Also, who knows if the boy will still want to hang out with me in his teenage years, now seemed like a good time.

We had a blast. I couldn’t remember not working for that long before. It felt so good to be able to do that for us. We’d come from winter and the temperature was a beautiful 27-30 degrees celsius. We swam for hours, sat in the shade and talked, ate decadent desserts on our hotel room balcony, caught frogs, watched movies, went on a boat exploring, snorkelled, and lushed out at the amazing buffet breakfasts. Jed was ready to come home after the five days, I could’ve stayed another few weeks, easy. We’re still glowing from it, still talking about it. It really was the best of times.

I am screwed if I need a new car or major dental work in the next few months but I am SO glad I took the jump.