Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Making: a simple zero waste project

How to make bathroom wipes
(Or, a craft project for non-crafty people)

1. Pick up some darker coloured flannel from the fabric store or upcycle old pajamas
2. Borrow some pinking shears (this stops the edges from fraying)
3. Decide what size/s are most useful and starting cutting! 

I found this lovely multi-coloured flannel at sale which reminded me that our bathroom wipe stash was getting low. I do a fresh lot every year or so. 
The wipes are great for makeup removal, mini-face flannels or first aid. If you're looking to make nappy wipes for littlies just cut them bigger. The flannel is lovely and soft. You just rinse and pop in the wash after use. 
I will be washing these in hot water for the first wash, just to make sure the dye won't run. Yikes!

I cut mine to fit inside this vintage ash tray that used to be my Nana's. I have so many memories with that piece of china and wanted a way to use it in daily life. I wasn't willing to start smoking, so it houses our bathroom wipes instead. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

a rainbow of vegetables

I've been working Saturdays which has meant missing the farmer's market and our local fruit and vegetable dealership burnt down - everyone was okay, and they're going to rebuild, yay! 
I've been at a loss with where to buy our vegetables. This, combined with a poor harvest here,  has resulted in a definite veg deficit. Imagine my joy when dropping off a friend's kids they presented me with these ridiculously beautiful boxes of homegrown organic vegetables! 
Thanks friends.They were so beautifully presented in their boxes, it took me ages to unpack and put them away. So delicious. Homegrown is the best.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Outfit post: sunshine yellow edition

It was the weirdest thing. I was on the lookout for some butter-soft grey linen to make a shirt exactly like this. We'd taken a friend who is unable to drive to the doctor and while waiting for his blood tests, the boy and I hit the op shop. 
I found the exact shirt I had been planning to sew. It fits perfectly. 
So strange. And wonderful! 

That morning I had opened my letterbox to find these fabulous sunshine yellow Saltwater sandals from my sister. 
It's been a rough month or so and a blast of sunshine happiness was just what was needed. She didn't even know the half of what we've had going on either. Sisters. They just know. 
I have never worn yellow but I am loving the pops of colour.

I have realised the reason the op shop was groaning at the seams with great finds was the KonMari method, which is currently sweeping social media. Marie Kondo and her method have been around for years but I think she might have hired a new social media savvy PR agent, everyone's decluttering. Which makes for some great op shop finds at the moment. We came with a bag of joy. Thank you Marie!

Monday, January 28, 2019

January links round up - whats hot, GOOD and thought provoking

January. I don't know about you, but I got steamrollered by the end of 2018 and am still trying to catch up. Here's the highlights of what I've been watching/listening/talking about. Sometimes while drinking a gin and tonic. 

That Gillette commercial. In case you’ve been hiding under a rock and missed it! 

I LOVE this piece by a mama describing the conversation with her 11.5 year old about puberty. It is the best. 

Hope. It's a beautiful thing. HERE

Profile on activist Meena Harris over on Mother. 

Elizabeth Gilbert on grief. This one just wowed me. 

Did you know minute concentrations of popular sunscreens are killing coral reefs? We live close to the beach and NZ burn time is super fast so sunscreen is hot topic around here. 

Things are rough for me at the moment and to top it all off, I sliced the back of my heel off. No swimming for me for awhile. It happened just before a work meeting. I sat there in pain and still in shock throughout the meeting and had to stop off at the emergency clinic on the way home. If you’re feeling a bit shit Pip Lincolne might help you out. She helped me. HERE. Thanks Pip. 

Prepare to laugh. One man and his ipad transform the moods of an entire subway carriage. Love this!

Best podcast find of the month: Anna Sale's Death, Sex & Money. Grace Bonney's Good Company is still doing it for me. Also, Melody Thomas is working on a third season of BANG! Yuss!

Friday, January 25, 2019

Rad reading: Ms Marvel

I was researching graphic novels for the youngest in the family and requested a selection from our library. I used this list of 14 recommended graphic novels for teens list. Marie Lu's Legend series is a big hit with the younger, but he hasn't been able to get his hands on the Ms Marvel graphic novels because I am hogging them!

Kamala Khan is an ordinary girl from Jersey City who suddenly develops super powers. Cue her trying to make sense of them and her new place in the world. Throw in some solid friendships, some baddies and the love and tension with her Muslim family and you have the makings of a pretty fab series. I'm on number three. 

Definitely a rad read!